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Who We Are

Once Upon a Nanny offers in theme park childcare at Disney World & Universal Orlando.



A Magical Experience For the Whole Family

Once Upon a Nanny is a one of a kind childcare service offering in-theme park childcare at any Orlando and California Resort. Miss Cyan and her 'Fairy God-Nannies' are eager to help your family on your Orlando adventures!

Helping Hands

because two are never enough

Helping Hands allows the party to stay together, by having your 'Fairy God-Nanny' at your side during the duration of your booking, they can help you with whatever your party needs.

Parent Play

because parents deserve to have fun, too!

Parent Play allows the adults in the party to ride the bigger rides and/or enjoy the older activities while your 'Fairy God Nanny' takes the little ones on a fun adventure in the park!

Hotel Hangout

date night's best friend

Hotel Hangout allows the adults in your party to enjoy a date night while the little ones are in the comfort of the hotel room! Your 'Fairy God-Nanny' will bring activities and put the little ones to bed if needed.


Cyan literally was our fairy god mother for our disney world trip! She's so polite and fun and you can tell she genuinely the kids she babysits! We had her for 3 days straight and right away she was able to make a connection to our daughter and we all had such an amazing time. She makes sure the kids don't get bored and does whatever she has to in order for them to enjoy themselves. We loved her so much we extended our vacation to be able to do universal studios with her as well! Wish she could come with us everywhere!

Ana Moody, AZ