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What service should I book?

it can be overwhelming when deciding the type of care your family needs. Here are a couple of scenarios to help you decide!

helping hands: If you are looking for someone to assist and stay with your party, book me! Fairy God-Nanny can stay back with younger ones at the ride exits, push the stroller, and literally be an extra set of hands.

parent play: If you are looking for time away from your littles, book me! Fairy God-Nanny will take the children on a personalized, age-appropriate experience. 

hotel hangout: If you are looking for a Fairy God-Nanny to come to your resort, book me!

Do I have to pay for the admission of my Fairy God- Nanny? Food? Beverages?

No, you do not have to pay for the admission of your Fairy God-Nanny. Our nannies are equipped with their own admission, you are only responsible for yours! If you are booking a service over 5 hours, we would deeply appreciate if you provided a meal or snack for your nanny. 

Am I required to tip my Fairy God- Nanny?

While you are not required,you are more than welcome to show your appreciation to your Fairy God-Nanny through cash tips!

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