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A Step-by-Step Guide to Once Upon a Nanny

How can a theme park nanny help on my upcoming trip?

Your family is taking a trip to a theme park. Congratulations!! One may think: How would I use a theme park nanny in a place that is designed for family entertainment? Here are some examples:

  • families with multiple children in multiple age ranges

  • single/lone traveling parent

  • motion sick parent/pregnant mother

  • children with special needs


    stroller pusher, food runner, picture taker

  • staying back with children who are not tall enough to ride every attraction

Resort care is also available!
  • date night for adults

  • younger siblings who may not be able to last the duration of the park day

  • infant care

  • parent traveling for a work event

  • marathon race events

  • after-hours events

  • time share consultations

We can provide care to children as young as 6 weeks, and as old as 17yrs!

How are Fairy God-Nannies™ Vetted?

ALL Fairy God-Nannies are:

  1. Background checked

  2. Reference checked (non family)

  3. CPR/First Aid Certified

All nannies have a range of experiences with all ages 6 weeks-17 years old.

The Booking Process


  • Orlando: $40/hr for 1-2 children. $10/hr additional per extra child (ex: $50 for 3, $60 for 4, etc.)

  • California: $45/hr for 1-2 children. $10/hr additional per extra child (ex: $55 for 3, $65 for 4, etc.)

10/hr on major + federal holidays and between hours of 12am-8am

When to book?

It is recommended to book when you have an idea of what date(s), start time(s), and # of hours you'd like. A great time to do this is around your 60-day theme park reservation window. 

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